10 on tuesday (24)

Back, by popular demand, 10 on Tuesday. Wait, maybe it's back because the person who directs us on these has finally overcome her computer woes. Yea for that.

10 Words that Describe Me
  1. Smart

  2. Sarcastic

  3. Loyal

  4. Busy

  5. Hard-working

  6. Goal-driven

  7. Quietly (sometimes) emotional

  8. Happy

  9. Fortunate

  10. Crafty


Bubba's Sis said…
And ca-yoot!! :-)
Julia said…
Happy Tuesday!

Interesting list about you. I think am crafty too..well almost hehe. All I can do is cross stitches and scrapbook :)
Patois said…
And is that "crafty" as in capable in the arts and crafts arena or "crafty" as in that sly little fox? I'm going with fox.
cjh said…
I'm going with both... :o)
Katie Lady said…
You are, indeed, crafty and foxy. But foxy as in Foxy Roxy.

BTW, spend all the time you want with The Boyfriend. Real friends will understand. Fake friends who take offense should be fired. Trust me, I've done it.
Anonymous said…
agree w/ Katie Lady. on both counts.


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