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Man, am I tired. I had a very disturbing dream last night/this morning (which was not the first one of its kind and a person doesn't have to be Freud to figure out I'm overwhelmed). This time, it was suddenly August 7th. It dawned on me at about 10pm that, "Hey, we're getting married tomorrow." Thing is, I didn't have any more done than I do right now on May 6th. Huh. Not good. I was a little stressed in said dream...

I have bridal portraits next week. I'm very excited about them. I look forward to wearing my dress with hair and make-up done. For the first time! And for The Brother to see the dress on me in person. And to work with our photographer whose work I love so much. Of course because now is the time to be careful with myself, all sorts of injuries and accidents are happening. Between Thursday and Sunday alone, I got a burn about half the length of my forearm, busted my lip, cut my right index finger, and have been attacked by mosquitoes and fleas. Sigh... So this coming weekend I am doing no work. Well, nothing that requires labor. Who am I kidding? I'll be spending all my time getting my eyebrows waxed, whitening my teeth, evening out my weird gardening tan lines, and hopelessly working out my guns.

Don't tell anyone but I really need to get my car inspected. And the oil changed. And the registration sticker put on the windshield. And take in dry cleaning.

It's nice to have someone whose presence makes you feel better. Thank you, Fiance. Just keep doing what you're doing.


Patois said…
Stay safe. I do know what you mean about being more careful. Similar events happened to me.
Anonymous said…
I had a similar dream every semester that I was in college. I would dream that I sit down to start studying for finals, reach up to grab a book and pull down a book to a class that I had never gone to. In my dream I would realize that there was a class that I had signed up for but completely forgot about and never attended.

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