bridal portrait day!

It's finally here! And I'm excited! It's a nice change from being stressed and bitter about work. Bygones...

Everything went much more smoothly yesterday than I anticipated. Last week I got home from Atlanta at about 9:30pm on Friday. Then I had to turn around and fly to California on Sunday afternoon. I wasn't expecting to get home until after 1:00 this morning. But! I finished work early and was able to get an earlier, direct flight (instead of one stop plus one layover). I was home a little after 8! Woohoo!

Well, not home. I had to stop to pick up some flowers so I could make my bouquet last night. I have to tell you, this is the beginning of the end of my perfectionism. Bring on the "it's good enough!" There weren't a whole lot of orange and green flower options at the local grocery store. Good thing the gardenias are blooming out front. They provided nice filler. So here we go. My first attempt at bouquet making (less than fantastic pictures).

Also? Because you know you want one, a tiny sneak peek at wedding invitations combined with another gratuitous ring shot.


Katie Lady said…
Fabulous, dahling!!!

Great flowers, you are a natural! Bubba's Mom used to do this sort of thing for a living, so I can't wait for her to see!
Patois42 said…
I'm getting so darn excited!
adc said…
Bridal portraits are fun! Your bouquet is lovely--and yeah, getting to the point of "it's good enough!" does wonders for improving your stress levels. I have a lot of "it's good enoughs" now.

You make me curious if my digital camera can take good pics of my ring. I found out it wasn't so hot at the "ring on finger" shot when I was engaged.
BEAUTIFUL!!! The flowers are gorgeous! I love the ring shot too!
Jennifer said…
WOW! Your flowers look wonderful!
samantha said…
I think the bouquet looks great! And the ring. Ah the ring. So beautiful.

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