10 on tuesday (37)

I haven't done a 10 on Tuesday in a LONG time. This week's was particularly applicable so I thought I'd get back in the saddle. This list was taken from my vows (we wrote our own).

10 Thing I Look For in a Romantic Interest
  1. Handsome (listed first only because it was obvious at first site)
  2. Smart (listed second because it was obvious immediately following "handsome")
  3. Funny
  4. Creative
  5. Open to new things
  6. Romantic
  7. Moral
  8. Fun to be with
  9. Loving
  10. A little bit quirky in an endearing way

There were a few others listed in the vows but I'll just stick with 10.


Julie said…
Looks like a good list to me!

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