Getting married really takes a lot out of you.  On Saturday night, The Hubby said he had so much running through his head.  I welcomed him to my world.  That's how it's been for weeks.  Finally, though, after sleeping in my own bed and taking a few naps, I'm starting to feel more like my old self.  My old self who is now married.  Crazy.

Before we get to wedding recaps, perhaps I'll share a few parties with you.  I now have pictures from our engagement party (back in the beginning of the year) and two showers (one in June and one in July).  All were fantastic.

Here's the engagement party (our buffet, live guitarist, and end o' evening picture):

Up next?  The family shower, where I learned that you can't take good pictures of me while opening presents...

And the second, friends shower...  There were a few better pictures at this one.

What? You're not satisfied with bad pictures of me? You've been to parties before (although I doubt any thrown by as crafty of ladies)? You want wedding pictures and you want them now? How about the few sneak peeks I got yesterday from my photographer?


klm said…
I love the first pic! You are beautiful!!!|
cjh said…
And look at how fab the ladies look! And how funny the guys are...and handsome, too.
Patois said…
Katie Lady said…
Love the pictures!!!
StaceyG said…
Congrats, CJ?? You look so beautiful!!
samantha said…
Those photos are awesome! You had a FABULOUS photog. I'm dying to see more wedding pictures because everything looks so beautiful! And you too of course I mean c'mon :-)

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