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My word, it's been a whirlwind 2 1/2 weeks since the wedding...

All of The Hubby's things have been moved in and I'm guessing more than half of it has been put away. That's meant that I go through all the items I own to purge and make room. So far, I've made it through the kitchen (whew), living room, dining room, hall closet, guest bedroom and closet (also whew), guest bath, and office (blech). That leaves the linen closet, our bedroom/bath, the sunroom (nightmare), and garage (not looking forward to it). I'm not gonna lie to you people. Moving him in has been difficult. I've lived here on my own for almost three years. You've seen my house. It's pretty much filled. He doesn't really come with a ton of stuff in comparison but it's been hard for me to change things and hard for us to compromise on where we want to put stuff, etc. Add to that that we're now living together and I haven't been traveling much so we're almost always around each other. A little adjustment time was needed but I'm feeling like we're back on track. What a relief... And, just for the record, even though it was a rocky start I was always glad to have him here. Nice to hear him say "we're home" or that it's "our house."

Also nice? Seeing that ring on his finger. I thought it would take me longer to adjust to my second one but it hasn't.

Last Friday there was a surprise party for one of my best friends. She was surprised so I suppose it was a success. There was also a Disney princess theme (because she fancies herself one). The awesome part is that her grown daughter picked up the cake topped with Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty and Belle for her 39-year-old mother. There was good food and drinks and chatting. There was a super cute, well-behaved dog. And there was an indoor bird that danced with me. From inside his cage. I'm not a big fan of indoor birds but whatever.

Sadly, I had to leave the party early because my dance card has been pretty full. On Saturday I co-hosted a baby shower for my lovely Matron of Honor. It was her first shower of any kind. No pressure. There were a couple of hiccups but things turned out well. Again, good food and drink and chatting. And this time I was able to stay for presents. Baby stuff is fun especially when you're super excited that this baby is coming. About two months left! So after the honeymoon, I'll have to help out with the nursery and try to finish it before the baby's done.

On Sunday, The Hubby and I had The Brother and SIL over for some food smoked on our newly-acquired (from them) smoker. It was tasty. I also was able to get a few things out of our overflowing pantry. (That's apparently a weird goal of mine now--it's just a little too cramped to function well.) I also got to set the table with our new dishes, silverware, napkins, and napkin rings and use our new serving dish.

Tomorrow we're off to Ireland. There has been some crammed honeymoon planning the last few days including one pretty big snafu that has allegedly been taken care of. We have a few nights' accommodations taken care of, a few more tentatively planned, and a loose schedule. Should be fun. I'm excited to go. And looking forward to the scenery and time away and cooler weather. All with my honey. Whom I'm mooning apparently.

Okie dokie. I guess that brings us current (with the exception of work but I'm not really ready to go into that yet anyway). I need to go put out the trash, take pictures of the third trapped animal (opossum this time), and call animal control. Good times.


Katie Lady said…
Ooh, the moving in and purging of stuff. And getting used to seeing someone every. single. day. Good times.

Have a blast on your honeymoon!!! I'm SOOO jealous. Chicago will have to do for us for right now.
Anonymous said…
Whew! That's a whole lot going on! Still! I hope you can rest a little while mooning your honey.

Thank you again for the beautiful baby shower and for working with Mom to make it happen!!


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