In less than 48 hours I'll be a married woman. Freaky. This last week has been a bit frantic. Last weekend my bridesmaids (minus one) and I all headed to the country. We ate and shopped and did a wine tour/tasting and ate crafted and ate and slept and ate and went home. And I was also gifted some lingerie. Amidst all of that we have some really good conversation. It was so nice to take a break from everything and just run away with some of the people who have meant the most to me over the last several years. Thanks, ladies!

But I tell ya, as soon as we were headed back in the direction of home, the anxiety ramped up again. I had a few projects to finish up but wasn't doubting that that would get done. And they did. On Sunday even. So I haven't had a ton of stuff to do this week. Just last minute organizing and errand running and vow writing and delegating. But it's mostly done. I honestly do have some things I should be working on now but I thought that could wait a few minutes.

Tomorrow the ladies and I are doing our own flowers. I currently have 6 dozen garden roses, 3 dozen dahlias, and 200 stems of ranunculus in my bathroom. The pretty bathroom...prettier due to tons of flowers. The third batch of flowers gets picked up tomorrow. I sure hope the all turn out well. Fingers crossed that all those little guys are at their peak at the right time.

Then we join the boys for lunch (they'll be boating in the morning). And then mani/pedis, a little break, rehearsal, and rehearsal dinner. Then Saturday's the big day!

Honestly, I'm not sure why I've had so much anxiety this week (particularly at the beginning of the week--yesterday's facial worked wonders). I think part of it was that I hadn't gotten my Fiance weekend time. Things were better with him here. And I was having a hard time writing the vows. I was in too productive of a mood and was writing like a man. (No offense, men.) But I think I got that all worked out.

What I'm not nervous about? Marrying The Fiance. Can't wait for the ceremony to be over and for the party to start! Hopefully one that will last us a lifetime.


Congrats!!! We will be thinking of you guys tomorrow!! Sorry we could not make it down. We love ya! Have a blast and I am sure the party will last a lifetime!
Owl said…
I am so regretting not having made the trip!!!!

I wish you both the very, very, very best. A life full of self fulfilling, awesome, loving, fantastic partnership...til...the end....happy and all.

I do hope...there are plans in there somewhere for...more red headed wonders!!! :-))

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