9 days in

We've been married a little over a week. Many folks have asked me how married life is... Well, it's pretty similar to engaged life so far. The Hubby and I didn't live together before marriage. He was a stickler. He did spend weekends here and I'd spend a night or two at his place during the week if my travel schedule permitted. And he's slowly been moving things in for weeks now. We're not leaving for the honeymoon until next Wednesday, and I'm not changing my name until we get back. So I guess that makes for last week looking pretty similar to the ones before.

In addition to me going back to work last week, we had a little leisure time, packed and moved most of his belongings, went through some of my stuff to make trash and garage sale piles, assimilated his stuff, and started planning a baby shower. I also finally got on the Facebook bandwagon. And we caught one of the raccoons that's been ravaging our garden. A little late, I might add. But, you know, we were a bit busy with other things.

This week I'm again trying to get real work done and continue the organizational sweep through the entire house. We're maybe a third done (not including the garage). Sigh... I am happy to have The Hubby here, though. Thanks for moving in with me.


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