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I really do want to post about the wedding since I want all the details recorded but that may have to wait for a bit.  I'm still so tired.  And, of course, I want to be able to show you some pictures but those won't be done for awhile.  I'll leave you with some pre-wedding stuff.

Here we are (super cheesy and then a little goofy) immediately after getting our marriage license.

Here are some of the flowers before my lovely bridesmaids, friends and I turned them into fabulous bouquets and arrangements.

And here is my frugal husband (whoa) watering our plants (see the watermelon?!) with leftover beer.  If you squint you can see his ring.  More to come...

And I guess I can send you to my photographer's blog post about my bridals.


Anonymous said…
james would cry if he saw that beer going to "waste".

Patois said…
Magnificent, cheese, beer and all.
klm said…
You said (wrote) HUSBAND!!!!

Beer won't kill the cool watermelon?
samantha said…

SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Katie Lady said…
LOVE the bridal portraits, my favorite one is in front of that red door thing with your veil all blowing up. And, the close-ups are awesome. You are indeed a beautiful bride.

Many congratulations! It was a great party, we were honored to be invited, and everything was just gorgeous, great job on all the projects and flowers!
Bubba's Mom said…
Candace, you are a beautiful bride!! And, what a unique location for your pictures!! Joel B would really appreciate that. You look gorgeous - I can't believe you did your own flowers! I did my daughter's and that was hairy enough - I can't imagine the bride doing them!!! I wish you and sweet hubby all the best in life - the sweetest memories - and wonderful adventures together. And starting life together in your darling little house? how perfect is that?

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