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10 Superstitions, Traditions, and/or Personality Quirks
  1. I enjoy eating mashed potatoes and corn in the same meal. When I was little we'd make rows in our mashed potatoes with our forks and then "plant" the corn kernals in them. Now? I just scoop some potatoes on my fork and press them into the corn so some stick. I do not mix any other food items that I can think of.

  2. Before every flight I chant a quick, "Let it be safe, smooth, and uneventful."

  3. I've been reading a book about wedding superstitions. I'd like to stick to the groom-not-seeing-the-bride-the-day-of-the-wedding one.

  4. Not all the time, but when I've been away from home for a few days or more, I check under the toilet seat before I sit down. Hey, it's an old, drafy house. There could really be something under there.

  5. I pet my own head when I'm stressed. I often don't realize I'm doing it but my guess is that Mom comforted me that way when I was little.

  6. I start the day by checking e-mails and blogs. Kinda eases me into working.

  7. It is hard for me to throw things away even when other people would call it junk. I don't hoard. I just think that there's bound to be some use for this someday. There really often is...

  8. I procrastinate on really dumb, easy things sometimes. Currently on the To Do list for more than two weeks? Replace light bulbs in outdoor lamp. Seriously. How hard is that?

  9. It appears that I cry easily at TV and movies. Moreso lately. Not sure what's up with that.

  10. I used to be not so good at spending giftcards. It seemed like that free money should go to something really fabulous. The generic (Visa-type) giftcards made that even more difficult. Lately, though? I've been using them willy nilly just to get them out of my over-stuffed wallet.

Anything kooky about yourself you'd like to share?


Anonymous said…
It's always great to meet a fellow redhead! :D I enjoyed your list as well - and agree about the groom not seeing the bride on the wedding day. And procrastinating on super simple things. And crying easily at tv and movies. Pretty much everything really. LOL
Vashonnte said…
your list is fun! thanks for the comment! my friend Amanda at mommymandy.com designed my page for me cause i still have no idea how to do it!
Lazy Daisy said…
How fun. I enjoyed your list. I laughed at planting the corn in your mashed potatoe rows.
storyteller said…
I had my own challenges leaving a comment this morning at Yano’s … but yours works! I love #2 … it’s an idea I may adopt for myself. Oh my … you’re singing my song with #7 and 8!!! I just don’t understand why it’s such a challenge for me to let go of ‘stuph’ … nor why I put things off … but I’m working on both habits.

I combined ToT with Heads or Tails again this week at Small Reflections … using the latter to as a way to ‘revisit’ some of my earliest blog posts and remind myself just why I entered the Blogosphere in the first place.

Hugs and blessings,
Unknown said…
When I got married for the second time, we followed the tradition of not seeing each other until the ceremony on the wedding day. But we had a 10:30 AM ceremony, so it wasn't so bad. :-)

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!
GreenishLady said…
I only discovered the delight that is sweetcorn and mashed potato relatively recently, and I think it's a wonderful food combo. And I once met a frog in our toilet after a two-week absence! So, checking everywhere is a good idea.
Anonymous said…
I have actually used storage boxes in the garage to organize all those little odds and ends or things I've replaced. I often even take things apart before I throw them out just in case there are some screws or fittings that might be handy in a future project. They just go straight into the proper storage box and onto the shelf.

Do you remember how Papa used to save ice cream containers to store things in? Dad would never throw away metal or wood from anything.....just in case. We come by it honestly.

The Brother
Lynda said…
Love that you check under the toilet seat ;0)
StaceyG said…
I am totally with you on #1. In fact, in college, I would often whip up some instant potatoes and pour the corn in it and mix. Yum!
Patois42 said…
While I don't check under the toilet seat, I do check and re-check and re-re-check to make sure the doors are locked when I leave the house.

I'm also a counter, but I'm now trying to not count and just repeat "OCD, OCD, OCD" to the beat of my old counting.

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