brain dump: post-ike edition

Over the last two weeks I've had tons of thoughts that should have been written here. I just haven't had the right combination of time and internet access and energy to get it down. So this should be some brain dumping. Using bullets means I don't need any kind of flow, right?

  • When evacuating from a hurricane where there's a real possibility someone you are close to will have damage occur to their home, load up on bug spray, trash bags, rubber gloves, masks, bleach.
  • Remember you may not have power. For a long time. Even if it's hot outside, the people you stay with may keep the house a little cooler than you'd like. Pack some seemingly inappropriate cool weather gear. And bring your pillow.
  • If your family photos are in a flood (and you, like millions of others, haven't backed them up in some electronic form), get them into a freezer. I know, I know...who has power? Someone out-of-town. Apparently this stops the mold process and you can figure out the rest up to a year later. Believe me, even with help, it seems like there's so much to do that you'll need that year.
  • It is very hard to see my town go through something like this. It's hard to see all the debris piles in front of every house on every street in many neighborhoods. It is hard to see the places we shop and eat and live with indefinitely closed doors.
  • Even though the sadness is all around, it took till yesterday for me to be able to cry about it. Sometimes you don't even have it in you to do that. But I feel better now.
  • People are exceedingly nice.
  • Bad stuff can really bring people together. I'm not sure what's nicer--the actual acts of kindness or the willingness to be kind.
  • Remember that long after even the local media has stopped its coverage, people will be far from recovered.
  • Living without power when you work from home is hard. It is not as hard as losing your house.
  • It would be nice if everyone could keep perspective.
  • Lately, I have had little tolerance for people complaining when so many people have it worse. And people always have it worse. Everyday. Perhaps there should be no complaining.
  • I also know that everyone has their own stuff to deal with and sometimes even smallish problems can seem huge.
  • I like the line in that John Mayer song: "Take all your so-called problems Better put 'em in quotations."
  • John Mayer's personal life has made me embarrassed to have been such a fan. However, I can't help but like his music.


Bubba's Sis said…
Amen, amen, amen! The emotions of all this have been overwhelming, haven't they? I'm so with you on all these (altho I didn't know about putting the photos in the freezer - good tip!).

Big hugs to you, sweetie.
StaceyG said…
I like that term - "brain dump". I need to do it.
Patois said…
I like your conclusion that perhaps there should be no complaining. I have a somewhat similar thought after I pray. I have so much, how can I possibly want God to focus on me and mine?

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