The computer tells me it's Thursday. I can't really argue with that. Things have been a blur since the storm came in. We finally got into Matthew's house and it had over four feet of water in it. You know what's worse? I know, you're thinking, "What could be worse?" The sewage treatment plant in their town sustained damage and it was poo water. When we got there, all the water had drained. (You know, except from storage boxes that contained childhood photographs and bowls in the kitchen and books in the library and clothes hanging on even the high racks and carpet and and and...)

I think you can check out my SIL's blog (NDH over there on the side) for a few pics.

Since then, we've drug every last item out of the house, town out all the carpet and most of the tile, found a contractor (thank you, neighbors), and had the contractors rip out some drywall and kitchen cabinets. There's been a lot of progress physically and even a little emotionally. And friends and family have been really super and helpful.

That's about all I have time for today. If you feel compelled to help in any way, let me know.


Katie Lady said…
just tell me what you need, hon. I am so, so sorry.
We would love to help! Not sure what we can do from way up here. If you think of anything please let us know. The Brother and SIL have a package on the way from us. It is going to the SIL's parent's house.
Patois said…
What do you need? I mean, besides virtual sympathy?
Bubba's Sis said…
Sweetie we are praying for ya'll - just let us know if you need anything. We'll be doing much of the same at Hubby's granmother's house in Kemah - 5½ feet of water in there. Oh, the smell!

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