this is sucky

So not going out of town for work. Going to be making frantic last-minute decisions instead...

(depressing map courtesy of

Update (~8am, 9/11): The Brother, SIL and I will be under mandatory evacuation as of noon today. We're cleaning up the yard, packing up our stuff and getting the heck out of here. Not sure where yet. I'll head to The Boyfriend's and go from there. Good thoughts our way would be super.

Update 2 (5:45pm, 9/11): Both of our houses are boarded up. We've taken only the most important items--insurance papers, jewelry, journals, photos, some clothes. Did the best we could to prepare. How do you really prepare for the possibility of 100 mph winds and a 15, maybe 18 ft storm surge? And the most recent track is putting it in even closer to us. Blech. I'm at The Boyfriend's, waiting for him to get home for work. Then we'll figure out the rest. The Brother and SIL are on their way to the Dallas area. I repeat, this is sucky.


Good Luck. You guys are welcome to catch a flight up here and visit us for a bit.
angelq said…
Always welcome to stay with us, too.
samantha jo campen said…
OMG you're in my thoughts and prayers! Stay safe!!!
Katie Lady said…
I am thinking of you and hoping your pretty house fares ok.

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