tap tap twiddle twiddle

Just sitting here at The Boyfriend's waiting for this all to be over. Probably won't be for another 16 hours or so. It's just starting to get windy up here. Nothing terrible. I wish the same could be said for the island and the area by the bay.

Don't get me wrong. I want us, our persons, to make it through safely. But it's making me insane to just sit and wait to see how bad things are at home. And with the situation with the storm surge, we may not be able to make it down there until late tomorrow or maybe even Sunday. That will make me insane.

Please let my house be ok. Please let all those irreplaceables be fine.


I am keeping my fingers crossed that everything ends up ok. I sure hope you get to go home soon.
Katie Lady said…
I know, I've been thinking of you and your cute little house. BIL and Bubba's Sis are here, and BIL is dieing to get home and assess the damage. He has a house in Kemah, and we have reports that Kemah is under 5 feet of water. :(

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