I feel like I should be posting something. Anything. Like maybe how things are going. Or that I probably won't have electricity until late this week at the earliest. Or how disasters are worse when they happen in your town. Or the things we've thought of doing differently next time around. Or how I have a ton of emotion just below the surface. But I'm just spent. And I'm in California for work so I really should be doing that.

But I did, thankfully, finally have some good sleep last night. Did include a dream about my old apartment with all the destruction that really occurred to it. My actual apartment was missing an entire wall. Did I mention you can't get renter's insurance there?


Katie Lady said…
Wow. Why no renter's insurance?

I'm glad you are having a bit of a reprieve from the chaos and can spend the night in a comfy hotel out in Cali. Hopefully the rest will do you good. Thinking about you a lot, thanks for the update.
cjh said…
Bubba's Sis said…
Been thinking about ya'll a lot, too, cjh - and praying for you, too. Enjoy the time away and know that this, too, shall pass.
Patois said…
I'm so sorry for you. I hope you find the time away gives you some reprieve.
angelq said…
So thankful at least you weren't in the apartment. And the Brother, too. And all the near misses you had while you were there.
cjh said…
Yes, no kidding. Doing better after some time away. I'll try to post soon. Meanwhile, visit NDH's site for more pics and updates.

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