Last week after we got back from the long weekend I was very unmotivated. It took everything I had to get real work done those first few days. I don't know what changed after that, but I suddenly was in the zone. On Wednesday I went to my lady doctor for my annual poke and prod. I finally found someone I like, two years after being abandoned by my last OBGYN. This one seems good and actually listened to me when I complained about my crazy bad monthly headaches. We're switching things up and we'll see if that works. Praise tiny baby Jesus.

I've also made long-overdue appointments for the eye doctor and to get my hair cut. The Boyfriend (mostly) and I got yardwork done. I finished one art project and threw in another little one just for fun. We finally took in the mounds of recycling. I cleaned up the junk sunroom. We had folks over for dinner. There are actually some groceries in the kitchen. I've been to the gym multiple times this month. My house is clean. My office is even cleaner. I'm somewhat organized with work.

Don't get me wrong, the To Do list is still quite lengthy but at least a few things are getting marked off. I can't wait for cooler weather. Then the real yardwork/revamping can get done. And after that? Maybe a party.


Katie Lady said…
Sounds fabby, just wish I could come to the party....

Will it be a hurricane party?
Bubba's Sis said…
Ooooo! A party!! I like parties.
Patois said…
You sound so totally motivated now, that's for sure. Can I (virtually) come to your party?

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