ballpark tour

I marked off another item on the Life List. This time it was illegally setting foot on the grass at Minute Maid Park. They tell you not to but I sneakily stepped right on the edge. I didn't make it all the way to the warning track just to wuss out.

The Boyfriend and I went on the twilight tour on Friday night. We saw some fun places up close and received some little giveaways (hats, posters, decks of cards, Biggio pins). And I won a Milo Hamilton bobblehead for some somewhat educated guessing. It was fun, and I'd recommend going. Oh, and if anyone has some suite tickets they want to give me, I'll take 'em.


Katie Lady said…
Coolio!!! I'm sure Bubba is jealous.
Patois said…
I love a rebel with a cause. Congrats to you for knocking off another on the list.
Bubba's Sis said…
Very cool! It is awe-inspiring to be on that field, isn't it? Makes everything seem so much BIGGER!

Congrats on crossing off another item on the list!
StaceyG said…
Looks like fun!

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