"Terrorism is what made America."

What she actually said: "Volunteerism is what made America."

I'm a little eavesdropper this week. And sometimes even part of a word can make a world of difference. Hey, at least I'm not listening to conversations people are having with the voices in their heads today.

You can't wait for tomorrow's installment, can you?


Ok, sorry. One more for today. Leaving a voicemail, "Hi, this is BLAH. You were scheduled for an appointment at 10:00 today for a memory assessment. If you'd like to reschedule..." Heehee.


Katie Lady said…
You should really stop calling yourself 'BLAH.' Maybe people would answer and/or call you back. ;)

Yes, it's very funny to call and remind someone that they missed their appt. about memory assessment. Very ironic, too.

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