I would just like to point out that over there--in the goal section--I've surpassed it. Even with a natural disaster and an entire week of working at The Brother's house. Surpassed it. I also realize it wasn't a lofty goal but the few months prior taught me that my goals were so lofty I'd never meet them. Baby step, people. So I'm rewarding myself with a new pair of running shoes. The new shoes have nothing to do with the fact that the old ones spent a week walking around on things contaminated by the poo water.

(And wouldn't you know it? Now that I'm looking for new shoes, I can't find any I like.)


Katie Lady said…
Bummer, dude. Go to a running store, if you can. That's where I found my favorite ever!
Bubba's Sis said…
I've washed my shoes used to walk in the poo-water crap, and I'm still afraid to wear them. I think they'll just go in the trash pile...

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