brick walls and stuff

I have been super productive in several different areas over the last week or so. I confess. I'm pretty productive normally (except for work sometimes) but have been in the zone lately. Today? Not so much. I don't feel like doing anything. Not work. Not working on indoor projects. Not working on outdoor projects. Nothing.

But I have a feeling I'm going to force myself to do at least a little painting of the stairwell trim this evening. This project has done some serious lingering and I'm about ready for it to be complete. What I'm really ready for is the hanging of the stuff on the walls. I've lived here almost two years (What?! How can that be right?!) and nothing has ever hung on those walls because they were just too ugly. Now I have this fabulous set of framed black and white photography (all but one were taken by yours truly) and all are in black or white frames. They're going to go up the stairs at the same angle as the chair railing. That's the plan anyway. And like I said, that's the part I'm jonesin' for. The painting of the trim? Not so much.

I'm also feeling a bit anxious today. I have no idea why. I have no reason to be. I hope it's not foreshadowing of the falling to my death (or at least injury) off the very high ladder and down the stairs. If you don't hear from me, send someone.


Patois42 said…
Hey, make sure you post some photos of the finished product. And let's see some of the photos themselves, eh?
cjm said…
That's part of what motivates me...sharing with others. And I didn't die tonight. Just one more coat hopefully in the morning. It's the final stretch! Woohoo!
Can't wait to see how it looks!

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