I'm FINALLY done with the stair project! Sure it means that I'll have to do some work work this evening but it's so worth it! Maybe you need a refresher on what it looked like before. (Not represented in the before? The lace curtains. I pulled those down as soon as I moved in and now there are 2" wide faux wood blinds.)

I know some people liked the navy but it didn't go with my scheme and it was a little oppressive. And come crown molding?! That horrible light fixture? Well, The Brother changed out that light fixture not long after I moved in. The rest? I just resigned myself to living with since who in their right mind wants to paint in the stairs? But the SIL's parents gave us a joint gift of one of those fancy ladders that you can pretty much configure any way you'd like and, thus, the project became possible. Scary as a mo fo? That, too. But here's the after!

The walls are a beige-y grey and the ceiling is the same blue-green color as my kitchen. The downside is that all my oil-based white wainscoting and trim is glaringly in need of repainting. That is so going to wait.

All the pictures are travel-related. You can see some of the pictures in detail in these posts (just converted to black and white):

And there are some others that I haven't posted here. You know, good thing there's room to grow on the other side of the stairs because I noticed a few trips that are not properly represented. There's also my favorite (non-goofy) pic of The Boyfriend and me. I'm very pleased.


Patois said…
Wow! The "after" looks so bloody awesome! I love the light fixture. And the walls. And the pictures. And all of it. I might just have to move in and live on your stairs.
Wow!!! Looks amazing! You are welcome to come and paint my stairs anytime! I am way to scared to do that task. I give you lots of credit!
Eddie said…
It's *gorgeous*! I love the new color scheme.
Bubba's Sis said…
Oh, cjh - I LOVE it!!! I love your whole house. I want it. Maybe one day when you're out of town I'll just come take it.
Katie Lady said…
It looks AWESOME!! Outstanding job, I'm so impressed with your crown molding painting. You should hire yourself out.
Bubba's Mom said…
I love it! I love your whole little house!! You have really made it your own. So glad you didn't get any storm damage.
Kim said…
Candice, the stairway looks great. And where did you get those little halloween voodoo dolls of you and Wyatt? I love them.
StaceyG said…
Very nice! You are so talented!
Sandi said…
I found your post while searching for lace curtains.
The after looks great - what a daunting project, I'm sure - I know you are glad you finished those stairs!
justsomegirl said…
it's absolutely gorgeous!!!

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