and....they're off!

My clean bill of health (relatively speaking) couldn't have come at a better time. I had 5 appointments booked for us this weekend to try to knock out some of the remaining big wedding decisions. Again, I think I was hoping for the best but a scared little part of me was dragging its wedding-planning feet. No more.

Saturday morning we met with a baker whose cake I just didn't like. Pretty important. It doesn't matter how beautiful the cake is, you still have to eat it. Taste is important. Scratch that place off the list. With our extra time before the next appointment, we visited with The Fiance's folks. Then off to the second bakery. Good cake. GOOD. And very reasonably priced. I would have been ready to pick them but I think The Fiance wants to eat more cake. There are a few other places we could try out but they have less convenient cake tasting times. We'll see. And meeting with these folks has helped me solidify what I want my cake to look like. For some reason I didn't have a strong picture in my head before.

After the second bakery, we headed into town to meet with a photography company. The were nice and take good pictures and are a good deal (again, relatively speaking--it's all pricey). But we still had one more photographer to meet with on Sunday. Going into it, I was pretty sure we'd pick one of these two options and I think I'm going to be right. If I understood everything correctly at our meeting with the Sunday photographer, we'll likely go with her. I've really liked her photos from the beginning so that would be very exciting. Once we decide, I'll share the website with you so I won't be the only one staring at other people's wedding photos obsessively. Um, or maybe I will.

And the final appointment of the weekend was for me to meet up with my ladies so they could pick bridesmaid dresses. It was great to see them all again and the dress picking went really well. I didn't want to mandate one particular dress to 5 differently shaped girls so they each got to pick their own (within certain parameters). They all honestly look great in their selections. I'm very excited for the dresses to come in and to see them all together (and in the proper color). We also marked the flower girl's dress off the To Do list.

One item not on the list but also addressed this weekend was the rehearsal dinner site. We had previously narrowed the list down to four. One we're marking off due to price and one other due to looking a little ghetto and not having nearby parking. One place looks good but we weren't quite ready to seal the deal.

All in all, TONS of progress this weekend. Oh, I also did a little crafting on a smaller wedding project. I'm getting more excited since most of the big decisions are almost made! Next comes the fun part where I get to be crafty and force my craftiness on others. It was a really good weekend.

NOTE: We're signing the photographer today. Here's her website. Woohoo!


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