When I got home Friday morning after 1 am, I was greeted by the site of The Fiance's truck in my driveway. It was a nice surprise and I think what I'm most looking forward to about being married. We'll actually be living together.

Obviously we spend a lot of time together when I'm in town but something shifted once that ring was on my finger. The time spent together increased. The thinking about things in terms of "we" was more pronounced. Before, it didn't seem like that symbol or that title change would make such a difference, but it does. I now have no doubt that it will change yet again when that second ring is on my finger (and he finally gets one!).

For the most part, I was a happy single person. I have a lot of friends. I could do what I wanted when I wanted whether that meant going out or staying in. I worked hard to reach goals. Sure, I wished that I had someone to share life with but on a day-to-day basis you can ignore that part. What you need on a day-to-day basis is help. I would look at my married friends or friends with older children and see that while there may be more to do there's not twice as much to do and yet they have two entire human beings to accomplish tasks. Two people who can work in the yard or cook dinner or pay bills or run errands. That not every single task that needs accomplishing is on one person's shoulders. Man, that is posh. At those times it felt less like I needed a boyfriend and more like I needed a personal assistant.

The thing is, you don't get a personal assistant. You get a team. It's fantastic. And the best part is, it's just the icing. Having someone to mow the yard or unload the dishwasher or figure out why you can't fix this freakin' error on your taxes is merely a nice perk on top of everything else they bring to your life. (But it's still a darn good perk.)


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