if heaven were a sandwich

I'm finishing up a very compact 3-day trip to California for work. By "compact" I mean that I had to get up ridiculously early on Tuesday to make it out here. And I won't get in until after midnight, probably closer to 1:30am, tonight. Ugh.

"What makes it all worth it?" you ask.

Is it that it means I still have a job even in this economy? Oh, sure. That's nice, too. But what makes me happiest here? Is it the weather? Ah, not this time. It's a little chilly.

What makes this trip worth it is the sandwich. If you could be in love with a sandwich... This is the site where I take a nice little walk up to the liquor store to buy lunch. I know, I know. I don't drink my lunch. Perhaps if alcoholics could get their hands on this sandwich all their problems would be solved. It's the Christopher Columbus. It's mayo, mustard, turkey, provolone, avocado, and lettuce on sourdough. Sometimes I add tomato. If you so desired, you could add onions. I don't know why I love it so much other than the combination of flavors work so well together. It's so good you may need to smoke afterwards...

I know. I'm going on and on about a sandwich. Perhaps I need to go home.


Katie Lady said…
Oh God, you just made my mouth drool. That does sound DELICIOUS. Worth going to the Left Coast for, too (I'm an East Coast kinda girl).

FYI, the Specs downtown store has a righteous lunch counter with wicked sandwiches. You know, the kind of place you can tell them EXACTLY how to make that sandwich you love! And they will do it!

I took Drew there a lot when we lived in that first apartment in Houston....strange lady WALKING to the liquor store with a kid swaddled to her front. Yep, that was me.
Anonymous said…
i know what you mean. i met a sandwich like that once.

klm said…
Can you take one to go for me? thx
Patois said…
Hey, if you ever get up san francisco way...fit me in.

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