beauty and the beast

I went to download pictures just now and totally forgot what was previously on my camera. So two-part post this Monday morning.

Awhile back I decided to pick up some flowers to try my hand at centerpiece arrangements. We (meaning me and some super helpful ladies) are doing the flowers ourselves. I haven't spoken to the florist to see what all we might be able to get in season (ish) but here are a few shots of my dream flowers.

I heart ranunculus.

And peonies. And fluffy and/or garden roses.

The centerpieces will be in Mason jars and may look something like that. For some reason, I'm having a little bit of a hard time committing to a flower idea.

In other wedding news, I have my bridal portraits scheduled, we picked a rehearsal dinner place, and I think we have a cake person (just need to decide between two good ones).

The "beast" portion of this post is about Saturday's weather. Good grief, people. I'm glad The Fiance and I were home during the worst of it but afterwards it looked like this.

Poor parts of neighbor's house that are now stuck in my sideways, partially uprooted bushes. Poor papaya tree (again). Poor neighbor's tree (again) on his mother's poor rental car. Not pictured? Poor gutters and shingles that are no longer attached to my house.

That's worse than it looked here after the hurricane. (Insert "Thank God it didn't look worse after the hurricane" here.) All that progress we had been making in the yard quickly got set back. There was a ton of clean up yesterday. Things look quite a bit better but are still kind of a mess.

In other exciting (and more positive) house news, The Brother came over yesterday to help me with part of The Ugly Bathroom. Man, that project has gotten drawn out. Of course, now that he's done his part and everything else really is DIY for me, I want to finish it. Like right now. Sigh... Perhaps you'll get a "the bathroom formerly known as The Ugly Bathroom" post within the next few weeks. We're talking some serious improvement.


Katie Lady said…
Love the flowers, WOW! You do great work, I think you have found your second calling....

And boo to all the rain damage! Craziness!

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