today is...

  • The day I get to go back home?
  • The 101st day of the presidency?
  • The last day of April?
  • Willie Nelson's 76th birthday?

Yes, it's all of those things. It also marks 100 days till the wedding. Yikes! I can't believe, after all the weddings I've been in, that I'm finally going to be in my own. Woohoo!


Katie Lady said…
YAY!!! 100 days and counting, WHOOP!!!
cjh said…
Did you just Whoop?! I'm saving mine till tomorrow. 99!
ndh said…
I second the whoop on 100! Can't wait for the awesome August event and all the wonderful details that are to come!
Patois said…
Whoop, then, seeing as it's now May 1.

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