During the very long flight yesterday morning, I was able to finish the third book in the Twilight series. And, you know, then spill coffee on it. So I have one more left and I can't tell you how pleased I am that I actually want to read it. Here's the quick recap.

Twilight? Loved it. Couldn't wait to get started on the second one. Requested the remaining 3 for Christmas and got them. I could see how they gained popularity and could definitely see myself being obsessed with them if I were a tween/teen. And I was glad that they aren't smutty. Unrealistically romantic? Definitely but I think the youngsters may be missing romance in their relationships.

New Moon? Sucked. She could have cut out the middle 2/3 and it would have been better. I was sick of the main character. I realize that breaking up with someone is a big deal and when you're a teenager you think (even more so) that your life is over, that you will never love again. But come on. Those 2/3 set a terrible example. Despite all that, I heard that the third book was better so I carried on.

Eclipse? Yep, way better. I was anxious to finish once I got to the last 100-150 pages. Unfortunately, I left the fourth book at home.

Now, on Sunday evening I forced The Fiance to watch the Twilight movie with me. I thought it was awful. Some of the casting wasn't so hot in regards to how characters are described in the book (and what I pictured in my head). What's worse, is that I think the acting was terrible. And I know you can't make a movie exactly how very long books are written, but it felt so rushed. (I know, it's like that Annie Hall quote..."Boy, the food at this place is really terrible...and such small portions.") I didn't really feel like the central relationship was established, I didn't really care about the characters, and I thought the special effects were less than stellar. But since I was invested in the series, I forced us to finish it. I sure hope the second movie is better but considering most of the actors will be repeating their roles, I don't have high hopes.


angelq said…
But the director is different so maybe that will fix the problems. I, too, was annoyed with some of the actor choices. The house wasn't even what I expected.

When you're done with the Twilight saga, her other book The Host is very good, too.
StaceyG said…
Yeah, The Host was really good. I am finishing up Breaking Dawn and am pretty disappointed.

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