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Would you prefer a bulleted list or crazily disjointed paragraphs? Let's mix things up a little this morning...

Yesterday was our RSVP deadline. We've probably heard from about 75% of folks. I think that's quite good. Not good enough to avoid sending a mass email to the other folks... And yes I know that the mail doesn't run on Sundays but it would have been Dad's birthday yesterday so I thought that was a good date to pick. And, you know, I'd remember what we put on the RSVPs.

Last week I was out of town for 4 days. All in the same place. I can't tell you the last time I stayed in the same hotel for 3 nights in a row. I crafted there. Finished a little project for The Fiance and his guys, rehearsal/rehearsal dinner invitations, and baby shower invitations for the Matron o' Honor.

It's getting to the point of difficult crafting. Most of the easy stuff is done. What remains are the things I've been waffling about or have been uninspired by or just need more thought than I have had brain power for lately. I realize that now is the time to make all these decisions.

I had a lovely shower on Saturday. The Matron and Maid of Honor threw it. Unfortunately, the Maid of Honor's mother was in the hospital and she couldn't make the actual shower she was throwing. I know she felt terrible and the Matron of Honor was a little freaked out but the SIL stepped in and helped out. Regardless, it turned out well. The food was great. I'm not sure how there continues to be new ways to make chicken salad but this was a very good one. And yea for punch! I know we're adults and a nice alcoholic beverage is often preferred but I love good, old-fashioned, non-alcoholic punch. (And perhaps I enjoy the reasons for having punch as well.) And nice, all-too-generous people (some of whom I hadn't seen in way too long). And! We actually got rain during the shower! (Oh, that's funny. I hadn't even thought of it like that; it was just exciting to get rain.)

There was some post-shower crafting. Thank you, ladies, for helping out. I was running out of steam that day and was frustrated with how one of the projects was turning out. I slept on it and think it has been improved now. I also became inspired with an idea for one other project that has really had me stumped. And I collected my bridal shower bows to make the lovely rehearsal bouquet.

"Is it supposed to be gaudy?" asks The Fiance.

"I can only work with what I have. I assure you others look worse. And, yes, it kind of is."

"It looks great then."

I must say, if it goes anything like recent weddings we'll totally forget to bring it to the rehearsal anyway...

Let's see. Other than Maid of Honor's mother in the hospital, bridesmaid-with-previous-heart-attack was back in the hospital and now out. And Matron of Honor's mother has the swine flu. And there's an area we should be watching that may possibly develop into a tropical storm. I'm trying to think good thoughts regarding all of it.

Anything other than wedding stuff? We have 6 ears of corn growing outside. And the one watermelon. We harvested our first few cantaloupes and one of them was perfectly ripe and really sweet and juicy. The yard has enjoyed the bit of rain we received. I don't know if I ever mentioned that the Black and White bathroom is completely finished. And there is currently a male cardinal sitting right outside my window.

Oh! The shirtless neighbor moved to another city. His shirted brother is moving in. While he didn't repaint the house a color I would have picked, at least he's trying to spiff up the place. His next door neighbor has also recently repainted. And a few new fences have gone up. Maybe the ol' neighborhood is movin' on up.

I've been up since about 5:00 (when The Fiance was getting ready for work) and have gotten a little wedding stuff done and made migas for breakfast. I should be ready for a nap soon...

So this wedding planning business is challenging and stressful especially as we're now down to 19 days out. (Thanks for sticking it out.) But it will all be worth it considering I'll be married to a pretty swell (and patient and forgiving and encouraging) guy at the end of it.


A nap sounds heavenly! If only it were possible! Maybe in 2014 I will be able to sneak one in!
Glad to hear that all the wedding stuff is coming together! Woo Hoo!
adc said…
I think we forgot my bow bouquet for the rehearsal. My rehearsal was just bad in general, though. But I still have the awesome bow bouquet in a box to keep FOREVER!

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