just a quick brain dump

As Katie mentioned in the Comments, it does seem like a total footrace to the end regarding all this wedding stuff... I'd love to write this lengthy post with real sentences and paragraphs but all I can hammer out is bulleted lists.

  • I'm back home. Yea! I briefly thought I'd get to come home a day early next week but no dice. Instead, I'm going to someone else's site (which means less travel but more work for me). Whatever. If I can load up the car (since I'm driving this time), I can craft in hotels! Um, is it bad that that won't be a first for me?
  • The Fiance's ring is in! We'll pick it up (hopefully) either today or tomorrow.
  • One of the bridesmaids and her flower girl daughter are coming up today. We're trying to avert a flower girl dress crisis and get shoes.
  • Have a craft-o-rama planned for Saturday. I actually have a long list but feel like I need to do some prep work for it so that I can maximize the use of my slave labor friends and soon-to-be family. Where's my SIL's grandmother? I'm starting to need the Granny Sweatshop they had going for her and my brother's wedding...
  • I have a small shopping To Do list for today. I figure shopping is easy and it would make me feel better to have more marked off the list.
  • Speaking of shopping, I bought two dresses in California. (Something you can do on the road.) One may be a rehearsal dress. That would be awesome. I'm actually tired of dress shopping. And can I say, why is it harder to find a normal dress than a freakin' wedding dress?
  • I'm concerned about our baker. I emailed her with some questions earlier this week and haven't heard back...
  • There has been progress on song choices and the tentative program.
  • I turned my To Do list into a Google document so The Fiance can feel free to mark things off. Sending emails back and forth has made me lose track of things.

There's really just so much to do. Some of it can be delegated but some can't. Some are just decisions that need to be made. Some is trying to figure out to whom to delegate. I repeat the geez o' man from the last post. Tomorrow it's four weeks to go. Somebody get me a drink.


Katie Lady said…
Breathe honey!

Just so you know, I'm looking forward to all the festivities!!!

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