I've been meaning to write this post for some time. So here are our invitations. No, I didn't make them but I did make that orange belly band that keeps everything together. See? We were slightly green by not including an inner envelope. This is what they looked like when guests took them out of the envelope.

Here's the suite:

Close up of top of invitation:

RSVP card. We asked folks if they'd like to request a song for the reception. An oddly small percentage actually did. Oh, well. I thought it was fun. Our RSVP date (while it was a Sunday when the postal service doesn't run) was my dad's birthday.

The map, which The Fiance and I both slaved over for way too many hours (but I think is super cute and am really proud of):

The super fancy, faux calligraphy I did plus the lovely wedding cake stamps (Thanks Post Office! I was getting kind of sick of those hearts.):

And all packaged up ready for the mail:

And while we're on paper products, how about a look at the fabulously crafted invitations to our engagement party and two bridal showers? Fun, fun! Nice job, ladies. And see how they kept with our color scheme?

It really has been a super productive last several days. Overall, I'm doing ok. On Sunday I felt like we may actually get everything done that needs to be done... I was getting close to Zen until the ceremony venue lady called this afternoon about my "event next week." Holy crap. Next week. I imagine I'll post a little leading up to it but forgive me if it's light as the house looks like this (actually, the office really isn't too bad but notice that I'm working on two computers simultaneously):


klm said…
i like that your blog is on one of your computers. Way to multi task!
Katie Lady said…
I requested a song, how could people NOT?! Weird. And I think it a lovely, lovely invitation!

Can't wait to see you next week!
adc said…
Dude, we realized at work today that August starts this saturday. THIS saturday? Hello, July? Where'd you go buddy??

I freaked a little, too, realizing your wedding is so soon...

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