thursday night already

The weeks are just flying by! I must say, though, a lot has gotten marked off the GIANT LIST this week. It's so nice to meet with people who know how weddings work. Ones who can be helpful in making last-minute plans and timelines and such. It's also reassuring to know that you're not forgetting much (or if you are, so is everyone else).

In addition to meeting with the photographer, I got the bulk of our playlist to the DJ. And met with the reception location people. Seems like things are better there than I dared hope. And I met with my Day of Coordinator aka my MIL-once-removed aka The Brother's MIL. And The Fiance has been in touch with the baker. So, yeah, feeling more organized.

Don't get me wrong. The list is still long but I'm only out of town one more day for work before the wedding. That could not make me happier.

Not wedding-related? Boy, we sure had some rain this afternoon! Enough to knock out power in the parking garage, leaving us briefly trapped. And enough to make the drive home take twice as long. But we sure did need it.

And? There's a tiny, new baby in the friend group. He wasn't quite fully cooked so keep baby Benjamin and his folks in your prayers. I must say, they're awesome what with his mom being on hospital bedrest for about a month and a half. And his dad dealing with living and working far away from that hospital.

I think that's all for today. It's not a nap, but getting to bed early? I'll take it.


Patois said…
I'll make sure to include Benjamin in my prayers!

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