So I just noticed that the little ticker over there? The one that's counting down time left till the wedding? Has switched to measuring in days. All on it's own. That's a little freaky of it.

Yep, 26 days. Less than a month. With the help of some nice ladies, we had a very productive craft-o-rama on Saturday. I got a few more things done on Sunday. And I packed up multiple projects to work on while I'm on the road this week.

We got The Fiance's ring. Yea! And got mine appraised. Finally!

Got my shopping mostly done. Was given the ok on the two dresses I bought--one for the shower on Saturday and one for the rehearsal.

Still haven't heard from the baker. Perhaps I'll give her a call...

I'm not terribly freaked out about the very few days left. Given the LIST, I probably should be. I'm just going to force all you people to help me. Please? Pretty please?


ndh said…
Just give us our marching orders and we will work...
Wow, 25 days and counting!!! How exciting!
kimbo said…
anything i can do remotely from a hospital bed????
cjh said…
Sadly, I don't think so. And I've really tried to think of things considering--for one week only--two of my friends are on bedrest.
Katie Lady said…
Have those bed-rest friends write your thank you notes!


Did I just say that out loud?

Honestly, no one but you and them would ever know.

I would always wonder, though....

Except I haven't gotten you a gift yet. ;)
Patois said…
Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.

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