time keeps tickin'

Holy moly, people. And suddenly it's a week from my last post. Here's the run down:
  • You know how I had that crappy travel day last Monday? I totally made up for it the next day when I flew to San Diego. First class. Also first class coming back on Tuesday. And that means I had but one night in my super posh suite in the hotel. Upgrades all around.
  • We had a nice little outing with the Houston work folks on Friday. I ate ice cream and chatted with some ladies I rarely see. Too bad not everyone could make it.
  • I had my first bridal shower on Saturday. It was really nice. Mostly family. We got some nice things, ate great (and pretty) food, and some lovely homemade favors were given to our guests. I also had a cute dress and got a hair cut that morning so that I could take advantage of someone else fixing my hair. And it wasn't so bad opening gifts in front of all those people. I guess I haven't done that since a birthday party in about 2nd grade.
  • Last Saturday we also (finally!) found a wedding band that The Fiance is happy with. I'm happy with it, too. It should be in by early next week if not sooner. It will be very nice once it's part of his daily ensemble.
  • We have several cantaloupes on the vines. And one tiny baby watermelon. And also one tiny ear of corn. Very exciting! It's been so hot here, I'm just glad things aren't dying. You know, except for the grass.
  • Also a few new plants of the flowering variety. I'll have to take pictures (if I went out now I'd probably get sunburned).
  • Lots of wedding crafting has taken place in the last week. I even had some help from The Fiance and Maid o' Honor.
  • My new study for work officially started on Monday. Good times... Also? Mondays are bad for travel. Flight was delayed because our plane was broken.
  • We have Friday off. Yea!
  • And Saturday we're having a party for the 4th. No local fireworks but hopefully the nearby cities will at least shoot theirs.
  • Then I'm mostly out of town for two weeks starting Sunday. Don't these people realize it's hard to bring craft stuff on the plane? Then another shower, a weekend off, a girls' bachelorette weekend, and then the wedding. Geez o' man. 38 days to go. That makes me want to throw up a little bit.


Patois said…
Sounds like everything is coming up roses. Or cantaloupes.
StaceyG said…
Sheesh time flies!! Sounds like you're doing A-OK tho.
Katie Lady said…


It's a foot-race to the finish!

Just remember that whatever happens, you will be married at the end of the day. Exactly one month from today. :)

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