miscellaneous weekend stuff

In an attempt to get caught up with work, I spent most of yesterday at "the office." In an attempt to not be too pathetic, I only did the mindless tasks and ones that may possibly be construed as fun (if, say, one were imprisoned or something). But I did get work done...work that I would never have had time for because of all the catching up I have to do. And, maybe, work that will help me do a better job in the future. Success? Only time will tell.

Very sad that the Astros season is over. So close... But it was an incredible run at the end, and I'm still proud. I blame Doug, my former supervisor, who felt compelled to talk about the winning streak. What kind of male/sports fan is he? That's the quickest way to end a streak...

Thanks for all the comments on the last post. Feel free to keep throwing out ideas whenever they come to you. And the new anonymous, welcome.

I spent part of the weekend looking at houses online. My house isn't for sale yet. I think I'll know it when I see it. And since I haven't felt very productive at home (what with needing to be productive at work every minute I wasn't sick during the last month), I got a little work done here, too. It all kind of seems like it's preparation for the new house. I went through my closet, filed, and organized some other stuff. Seems like I'm trying to make it easier to move. It will be very exciting. "This is my house." So many people take that for granted. If it ever happens, you're all invited to stop by. Please bring Home Depot gift cards.


Anonymous said…
I love that you are preparing for the new house. And you are right as soon as you see it, you will know it is it. (plus it will be in the price range we set for ourselves--geeez those darn things are EXPENSIVE). I have one more suggestion, and am not sure how your new vacation schedule is with the new job, but instead of just traveling for work, pick an exotic, ooooo i reeeeeally wanna go there place to travel to. Does not require said person who you are not looking for; friends will work too; and once you have a kid--forget it. And how is that suppose to work? If you are not looking, and he is not looking how do you find each other? Do you just bump in to each other and something just happens inside? i don't get it. But hopefully one day I will.
Anonymous said…
how can you tell the difference between the old anonymouses (or is it anonymi) and the new ones?
Bubba said…
I choose not to talk about the Astros to not jinx them. But I was rather excited on Friday night, so I guess it's my fault too.

I'm rooting for the all NY World Series, just because I live here and it would be fun.
cjh said…
I'm not rooting for an all NY WS because it would be boring. I like underdogs! (Not St. Louis, either). But if it turns out NY vs. NY, then yea for you.

Oh, and anonymouses vary in content.

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