regrouped...for real this time

Ok, so I've decided I just really want the house. That the stand-in real estate agent just sucks. Why should I listen to one stranger's opinion when he doesn't even know the neighborhood I'm talking about or the geography of the area despite his 20 years of experience? And, after painting his grim little picture, doesn't even follow-up.

Tomorrow I'm going to run up to my bank to see if they have a mortgage person there. If not, I'll call the woman in town who can help me get pre-approved. Then I'll shop around...just want to have that pre-approval.

Thanks to some of my fabulous peeps (new and old), I now feel like I have some direction in which to move. I've never done this before, it's scary, it's not something I want to learn as I go along (because I've never been that kind of person), and all big events make me crazily emotional (because even the happy things are tinged with sadness because Mom isn't there).

I'm not apologizing for being emotional. I don't want my mood stabilized. I like to feel life and that means a variety of emotions. Here, among some other things I'm sure I'm leaving out, is what I've got swirling around in the background: changing jobs 4 months ago and all the new stuff that goes with that, turning 30, being single and childless while it seems everyone around me is remedying those two conditions in their own lives, buying a house (of course), realizing that the last "practical" step that comes with having no parents will soon happen (dividing the stuff), making the transition from my +1 (my bub) becoming someone else's +1 (which has all sorts of mixed emotions but despite those I'm really happy for both of them), being concerned about a few of my friends. Honest to God I think I'm allowed to flip out when someone who is supposed to be an expert and working on my side tells me I won't be able to fulfill that good ol' American Dream.

But I'm feeling better now. Regrouped. Ready to kick some booty and take some names. (Why do you take names? So you can later brag about the booty-kickin'? So you don't kick the same booty twice? So if you don't get around to their booty kickin' you know who to come back to?)

Here's another tease of the house...the (slightly blurry) master bedroom.


Bubba's Sis said…
You go, Girl (I know that phrase is so passe, but it just seems to fit here!)!!! I am rooting for you and will help you in any way I can. And you are lucky that cute house is too far out for me to consider or I'd be giving you a run for your money on it! ;-)

I've had to pretty much give up on the house I really really want, but I'm still looking for the right one (cuz' I'm selling this one and getting outta here!). It would take a small miracle (and those do happen!) to pull off getting the one I want, but I'm trying to remain optimistic!

And if you know anyone in the market for a house in League City (nice, gated community - $220,000), send 'em my way!
Creechman said…
You need to get in that house and dance to the tune on my blog.

Furniture can wait.
I was going to invite you over to my pity party, but after this post it doesn't seem like you need to come! Yeah you!

That MB is so stinkin' cool! I hope you're not super tall:-)

Good job grabbing the bull by the horns. Get pre-approved and kick that relator's ass. They are all kinda dumb, anyway.

Can't wait to hear the happy ending!!
tigger said…
That's the cjh I know!! =)
Anonymous said…
I've tried to post things many times recently but am still getting used to the order you have to do things on this new blogger beta. Anyway, I would highly recommend Countrywide for your mortgage company. I think they are less likely than most companies to sell your mortgage shortly after finalizing and they have been really, really great with customer service. Plus they are based in Texas so they know all of our crazy real estate laws.
Definitely find a new agent, they should be more pro-cjh than this one sounds. And they should be willing to give good advice on how to make it work.
Good ROT, your house payment (including P&I, taxes, and homeowners insurance) will be about 1% of the cost of the house.
And they will definitely approve you for WAY more than you can afford. So make sure YOU know what you can afford.
Cheryl said…
I'm glad you chose to pursue this. I can see why you want this so much. That bedroom has your name written all over it!

I know you well enough to know that if it can be made to happen, you're the one to do it.

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