Tigger, this one's for you... I know you believe it is most important for me to visualize what I want but I could seriously use everyone's help. What we need to be visualizing is me in this house (even if you've never met me--I think you can visualize my spirit or something). We need to visualize me getting pre-approval for a loan. We need to visualize the inspector saying it looks great. We need to visualize the sellers coming down on the price so that I feel comfortable with it. We need to visualize it all going smoothly and positively.

Honestly, I love the house. I could see myself living there and at the same time can't believe I could be so lucky as to own that house. It would make all the waiting and the sacrificing and the being responsible all worth it. It's so beautiful. And like all big steps in my life, I wish Mom were here. She'd be so proud that my brother and I are doing so well. And I think she would have loved the house, too. (Ok, I didn't mean to go there but was suddenly overwhelmed with emotion.)

Ok, so anyway, the house is fantastic. It is not as "perfect" as the pictures looked which suits me just fine. There's enough cosmetic work in it to keep me busy and let me put my own personality in it but doesn't appear to need anything major. I could go on and on about all the little details but I think you'd like to hear just the best part. I won't mention the original built-ins, the fantastic original wood floors, the original glass door knobs, the fantastic staircase, the (not just crown but) dental moulding. The best part is that the house was built in H-town. A carpenter bought it and moved it down here about 10 years ago. It was in bad shape then so I'm thinking he probably did electrical and plumbing. Central air and heat have been put in. He built the garage and porch then. wasn't built in 1940. It was built in the '20s. Yep, that's the best part.


nora said…
First of all, I am very proud of you and I am sure your mother would be.

I am so excited about the house, it was built in the 20's that is awesome. Is there some website where we can look at it?
Bubba's Sis said…
I am SO visualizing you and I drinking sweet tea on that porch! All my good thoughts and prayers are going up for you, girl! Keep us posted!
cph said…
Good God woman! Nothing like a tear-jerker in the morning!
The house is very cute and very you!! I can very easily visualize you living there and me coming by to visit with Rocky. ( i think she would love it too!) On a more serious note, OMG! That Hal guy is soooo freakin' hot!!
cph said…
Was he ever the host of
the Soup on VH1?
creechman said…
Enjoy the house. :)
Creechman said…
Enjoy the house. :)
cjh said…
He was the host of the Soup. And was on Queer as Folk, I Love the 80s, etc. on VH1 and Celebrity Duets. And now, my blog.
katielady said…
I'm so jealous of you right now. SO jealous. Seething with jealousy.

I'll come over and drink something other than sweet tea (because it makes me vomit) while my kid plays in your yard and is looked after by my dear niece.
wendy bird said…
I have an old house too (86 years). It has lots of you.

I will believe all goes well...
Owl said…
For what it is worth...I am proud of you. But the most important thing is that YOU should be proud of yourself.

You hit it on the nose when you said you need to be comfortable with it. My best advise your gut. Now the trick do you know if it is your gut, your heart, your mind. It's that mind thing that can get in the way. But...if it is your will will feel and sound right.

My experiences with buying houses on my own is that You have to feel right about it. Especially the financial part of it. I have always been told that you should be able to afford a house that is priced at 2 1/2 times your annual income. I always thought that was too high so I stick to the double the annual salary rule. Because there are always lots of other things to buy once you are in.

Don't be afraid to go back and look at it a couple of times. Check it out at different times of the day....and different days of the week. During the week and on the weekend. If even just sitting down the block and watching what is going on.

I think it is absolutely awesome. You have good taste. I, too, love the older houses. I told my real estate agent the other day that I want the old farmhouse look with the huge porch and a modern inside to a certain extent...and lots of garden space. So if you don't buy this one....maybe we can have it moved north!!!!

If this house is meant for will be yours...if you really want it.

PS...your mom is watching over you. Talk to her. Really.
I am insane with jealousy. Plus I can only imagine how much it's going for compared to what it would go for by me. You're probably saving at least $250,000. Sigh. So think of it as getting it on sale!!!!!! :-)

Love hardwood. Love glass doorknobs. Love the moulding. Love. It.
Bubba's Sis said…
I found me an old house, too (OK, not as old as yours, but still...). It has crystal doorknobs and wood floors and all the cool things I like (yes, front porch!). Now I'm in a frenzy to sell the house I'm in and buy this one. I'm totally insane. But I'm visualizing myself in this new old house......yes, I look good!
cjh said…
Bubba's Sis, you're not trying to buy my house, are you?

And, thanks, all you lovely people. Such kind words (especially from people I've never met). You're nice. :o)

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