the night shift

So, yeah, I've been awake for 4 hours. I woke up during that last band of storms--the one that was followed by these gloriously lower temperatures--and I couldn't fall back asleep. After about an hour I figured if I was up already I might as well get some work done. Now, at not-quite-8:00, my workday is nearly halfway over.

I really do need to start a list about why my job is great. This would be one of them. That if I can't sleep (which has never happened before), I can drag myself (PJs and all) the few feet to my office. If, for some reason, I do get tired later, I can nap without guilt because I know probably not many people were at work at 5am reading some boring crap and sending e-mails. That's actually why I started working this morning--the boring crap. I thought that if anything would make me want to go back to sleep that would be it. But it didn't. The upside is that, again, not many people are reading the boring crap at 5am and the program works MUCH faster.

I saw the sunrise and then ran to Whataburger for a taquito. "Still in jammies?" you ask. You betcha.

Another reason the job is great...and not just the job but the the new benefits package. They are promoting our well-being with things like free smoking cessation help, free Weight Watchers, lower prescription co-pays, and no co-pays for preventative healthcare including cancer screenings (pricey things like colonoscopies, etc.). Do you think you can get in trouble for blogging positively about your company?

Well, I better get back to work. The day's just flying by. Before you know it it will be time to go home...wait, I'm already there.


Editor in Chief said…

Mainly that you can easily get to a Whataburger for their delicious tacquitos and breakfast tacos. YUM. My pregnant self would LOVE some of that.
You've got a sweet deal, cjh! Dontcha just love driving places in your jammies? I drive Darling Daughter to school every morning in my jammies.

I didn't sleep much last night either - Good Girl Dog is scared of storms, and she wanted to be RIGHT BY me all night - panting and "patting" me with her paw. And hubby was snoring AND farting. Combine all that with the awesome lightning and booming thunder, and well - no sleep for me. :-(
cph said…
Switch "girl dog" to "boy dog" and I could have been bubba's sis last night. Seems not many of us were sleeping last night. Cjh, had I known you were going to Whataburger in your jammies, I would have met you there in mine.
Anonymous said…
Can I work there please?
StaceyG said…
Your job ROCKS.

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