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This time last year there was a sad post recollecting my mom's death. One of the points of that was the lifelong need a child has for his or her parents. There have been lots of times over the past year where I've wished Mom were here. No doubt my brother has felt the same way. And no doubt there will be even more times this year (especially considering his upcoming nuptials).

I guess what's been on my mind the most lately is the need for a parent to give relationship advice. So lay it on me. What lessons have you learned? Or advice you wish you'd been given or things you would have done differently or tips you'd like to share regarding everything leading up to and including marriage? You don't have to have a successful marriage to play...everything's a learning experience.


Bubba said…
This is what I tell males, "She is always right, as soon as you figure that out, the happier it your life will be." I think the serious moral is that sometimes it is not worth the fight.
Bubba's Sis said…
Bubba, you learned that from MOM? What excellent advice! But I think she was talking about your SISTER, not your future wife when she said that, dude.
StaceyG said…
Always remember that in conflict, both people are correct in their minds. Always try to see the other person's POV. It's better to be happy than to be right.
Anonymous said…
Suprisingly some of the best advice I've gotten came from Joe; he says that both parties need to give and work equally to make things work if the balance is too far to one side with one person doing all the work to make the relationship work then it will not work. So in conclusion, there must be balance.

The Brother
Anonymous said…
There is no such thing as “the big things in life”. Even the “big things” are really a series of smaller things. People always say that marriage is one of the big things, but a marriage doesn’t mean much if you forget all the little reasons that you wanted to get married in the first place. That being said, the longer that you are with someone the easier it is to forget the little things. So no matter how long you are together remember to bring flowers, to have game night with friends, to have movie night and date night, to keep up all (or as many as possible) of the things you did when you first met.
Katie Lady said…
Totally agree with Bubba (how appropriate!) on sometimes it's not worth the fight.

Also, there is no one perfect person. You are not perfect (hypothetically of course, because cjh, you might actually BE perfect!), so you shouldn't expect your significant other to be, either. However, there IS the perfect person FOR YOU.

Also, my best advice is that if whatever you are trying to do is too hard, too many obstacles, etc., then maybe it's not the right thing to do. The right thing for you (and your family) tends to be on the path of least resistance. Make sense? I've used this info from everything to wedding planning to moving across country.

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