sunday scribblings - miscellaneous

Yeah, so it's not Sunday. I just needed a miscellaneous post and low and behold, that's the topic for Sunday Scribblings. Here's my mishmash:
  • Amidst my numerous beginning-of-the-year illnesses, I managed to start and nearly finish my master bathroom. Pics coming soon! I'm very excited about it and feel rejuvenated in regards to getting the rest of the big projects completed. Next up? The Ugly Bathroom.
  • I've realized that while I am blessed with a good metabolism, I will never have that perfectly flat stomach that many celebrities boast. I had absolutely nothing in my system after that stomach virus thing and I almost had that stomach. I eat half a dozen crackers? Pooch.
  • Being able to actually eat enough to get that pooch? Made me unbelievably happy. The little things, people.
  • I also have some new and/or updated light fixtures in the guest bath. Pics of that soon, too.
  • After installing my new light fixture, The Brother went to flip the breaker back on and it didn't work.
  • That breaker controlled about 1/3 of my house including the heater. You know, during the one cold snap we've had this winter. Not good in a house that is slightly less energy-efficient than a tent. No heat for about 24 hours when The Boyfriend replaced the breaker. It was a surprisingly easy (yet much appreciated) task.
  • I've finally started the volunteer training; it got postponed until after the holidays. I am really enjoying it and am very excited. This needs a post all its own.
  • The study I've been working on since I started this job (which was about when I started this blog), is FINALLY! coming to an end. We'll be done with the first segment on my birthday. Then I'll be transitioning to a new study that will be psychiatry-related. Could not be happier about that.
  • At most, I'll only have to come back to Shreveport twice. Yea!

I think that's about it for my miscellaneous. You know, for now.


Redecorating and remodeling always makes me feel better. And don't worry about the pooch - we all have it unless, like celebrities, we have our own personal chefs and personal trainers.

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