out with the old, in with the flu

Ok, not really. It's a sinus infection but that didn't have as nice of a ring to it.

The cons? Feeling sickly. Not getting a good night's sleep. Using up way too many tissues.

The pros? Having realistic supervisors who allow you to stay home instead of going to Shreveport. The chance to take out garbage on an actual trash day. Naps. Perhaps time to take down Christmas decorations between said naps. The fact that I made it a whole 12 months in between bouts of this stuff (instead of what was becoming my usual 6 months).

I know, I know. I'm sick. I should stop thinking about how I can productively use the extra at-home time. I'll do my best. Perhaps starting with a nap...


Anonymous said…
Oh no sinus infections are the worst! I used to get them SO BAD so I really feel for you. But it sounds like you're pampering yourself accordingly, and that's what matters.

Healthy vibes coming your way!
StaceyG said…
What samantha jo said! The best use of this extra time is to take care of yourself!!
Hope you are feeling better! Not a fun way to start the year. :-(

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