mondo beyondo--with completed blanks

To continue on with Mondo Beyondo...

What I Want to Acknowledge Myself for Regarding 2007
  • Doing a really good job with work. I think I kept my strong work ethic and was able to see beyond just financial compensation to what else is truly important in a job. I remained loyal despite getting non-stop calls for other options.
  • Having the (you know, I want to say "balls" so I'm going to) balls to take a vacation on my own. To a place I'd never been but have wanted to go. To use that airline credit instead of just letting it expire. To not feel sorry for myself for doing it because I could have sat at home alone or taken this fantastic trip alone and I chose the more exciting one.
  • Taking time to enjoy parts of life outside of work.
  • Being open enough to know that some really fantastic guy crossed my path and not letting that opportunity pass me (him, us) by. And being vulnerable which, you know, is not very comfortable.
  • Managing a household (with an actual house and all the grown-up things that come with that) all on my own. Well, mostly on my own.
What I Have to Grieve About Regarding 2007
  • I grieve the loss of Rachel.
  • I grieve the closeness of many of my friendships. I was a terrible time manager during the last half of the year and let too much time go by between visits with the people who have been the most important to me for years. I miss my girlfriends. I forgive myself for my time management skills and for focusing more on a new relationship than the old ones.
  • I grieve the relationship I had with my brother when we were both single. I don't think we have a worse relationship now, it's just that other things and people take up more of our time. I miss having alone time.
I declare 2007 complete!

The focus for 2008? I'm going with The Year of Reconnecting. With people, with myself, with everything enjoyable that I've let slip by the wayside.

The next part of this is to state what you want to bring into your life in 2008. The inspiration can be found here. They're the things you're scared to ask for, the things you may not think you deserve...
  1. I want to feel like I'm on a very real path to marriage. (Um, yes, this is scary to write. Makes me want to throw up a little bit so it must be a good one.)
  2. I want to have even closer relationships with my loved ones.
  3. I want to take better care of myself. In every way.

Anyone else want to share what you want in '08?


Anonymous said…
Want to go see a movie sometime?

The Brother
cjm said…
Sure. :o)
Want to go to lunch sometime?

The Bubba's Sis
cjm said…
Lunch would be good...

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