Braindead from a long week (and, yes, it's only Wednesday). Found this over on Jennifer's blog (a new visitor).

52 Confessions

1. The phone rings, who do you want it to be? The Boyfriend
2. When shopping at the grocery store, do you return your cart? Yes and occasionally an extra random one near the cart corral. Why do people get them so close but then not give them that extra push?
3. If you had to kiss the last person you kissed again, would you? Yes, please.
4. Do you take compliments well? Not really but I think I'm getting a little better.
5. Do you play Sudoku? Yep.
6. If abandoned alone in the wilderness, would you survive? Depends what the conditions were and how long I'd be alone there. Not too good with the survival skills...
7. If your house were on fire, what would be the first thing you would save? Pictures.
8. Who was the last person you slept in the bed with? The Boyfriend. I're shocked and appalled, aren't you?
9. Who do you text the most? The Boyfriend and the FSIL.
10. Favorite children's book? The Taste of Blackberries.
11. Eye color? Blue.
12. How tall are you? 5'7"
13. If you could do it over again, start from scratch, would you? Nope. Not that there wouldn't be some moments I'd want to go back to if only to soak in every little detail into my memory.
14. Any secret admirers? Not that I know of...
15. When was the last time you were at Olive Garden? I can't remember. Months? Somewhere on the road probably.
16. Favorite ex? What a terrible question. I guess it depends on how you define it. Perhaps the German.
17. Where is the furthest place you traveled? Probably Seattle.
18. Do you like mustard? Not really. Sometimes it's ok on a hotdog.
19. Do you prefer to sleep or eat? Yes? Right now probably sleep.
21. Do you miss anyone? Yes.
22. Can you do splits? Nope, never could.
23. What movie do you want to see right now? Juno.
24. What did you do for New Year's Eve? Went out to eat with The Boyfriend and then met some people at Big Texas to go country dancing.
25. Do you think The Grudge was crappy? No, creepy.
26. Do you own a camera phone? Yes.
27. Was your mom a cheerleader? That's funny. No.
28. What's the last letter of your middle name? E.
29. Are you Hispanic? Nope.
31. Do you like Care Bears? Oh, I loved them. I only had Good Luck Bear.
32. What do you buy at the Movies? Usually nothing but I enjoy popcorn and Jr. Mints.
33. Do you know how to play poker? Not really.
34. Do you wear your seatbelt? Always.
35. What do you wear to sleep? Depends. Usually shorts and a t-shirt.
36. Anything big ever happen in your city? Yep, I'm sure way more than I realize.
37. Is your hair straight or curly? Straight.
38. Is your tongue pierced? No.
39. Do you like Liver and Onions? No.
40. Do you like funny or serious people better? Funny.
41. Ever been to L.A.? No.
42. Who is on your mind right now? The FSIL since I just got off the phone with her.
43. Any plans for tonight? Staying in at this pretty nice, historic hotel and eating room service. Perhaps a little work. Obviously a little blogging.
44. What's your favorite song at the moment? I really like that Sugarland song "Stay." I like her voice and how she becomes empowered by the end (even though the video doesn't show empowerment).
45. Do you hate chocolate? Does anyone?
46. What do you and your parents fight about the most? They don't and I can't really remember them fighting when they were alive.
47. Are you a gullible person? I don't think so.
48. Do you need a boyfriend/girlfriend to be happy? Nope but it's a lovely bonus.
49. If you could have any job what would it be? The one where you get to travel to wonderful places and stay in fantastic hotels and things and eat great food and then force your opinions on people. That would be awesome.
50. Are you easy to get along with? I think so.
51. What is your favorite time of day? Lunchtime. Bedtime.
52. Are you generally a happy person? Yes, generally. Everyone has their moments.


Jennifer said…
Great answers! Thanks for playing along! I'm with you on the shopping cart thing - - - people are soooooo lazy! And, I love that Sugarland song, too! They are AWESOME! Come back & visit any time.

Hope you have a great rest of the week!

Jennifer :-)
Anonymous said…
I love "Stay" too. The song and video always make me teary.
Patois42 said…
I've got a whole kitchen trash bag full of care bears. Want me to ship them to you? The kids have outgrown them!
Anonymous said…
I like "Stay" a lot. Yes, I do. The girl who is not country. I did like the video, although I wish there was just a little bit more to it.
StaceyG said…
That was pretty coherent for "braindead"! =)
Um....#35 makes it sound like you wear adult diapers to bed....

Just sayin'.

cjm said…
Ha! IT depends... Not Depends.

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