mondo beyondo 2008

I'm happy to report that I'm finally feeling human again. Not 100% but I actually left the house yesterday. Ok, so I drove the few miles to The Brother's place where I just sat around keeping the cat company, but I was out of the house. Also? I've been able to eat food besides crackers. Yea me!

While I've been home so much this week (and not feeling at all like doing things on any personal To Do list), I've caught up on some blogs. The last link in my list over there in the sidebar is new. I've been meaning to add it for a long time. The author/artist has some amazing jewelry for sale (I bought a necklace about a year ago and love it), an adorable baby, fantastic photography skills, and some great ideas.

Since I was behind, I missed her New Years post. It was called Mondo Beyondo 2008. Go check it out to get the full explanation. It's basically a way to put the past year behind you and move on with the new one. Clean slate, etc. I know it's mid-January but better late than never. I'm going to think on mine over the weekend but thought I'd leave you with the questions in case you thought it was a good idea, too.
1. What do you want to acknowledge yourself for in regard to 2007?(What did you create? What challenges did you face with courage and strength? What promises did you keep to yourself? What brave choices did you make? What are you proud of?)

2. What is there to grieve about 2007?(What was disappointing? What was scary? What was hard? What can you forgive yourself for?)

3. What else do you need to say about the year to declare it complete?

Okay, the next step is to say out loud, "I declare 2007 complete!" How do you feel? If you don't feel quite right, there might be one more thing to say...

The final step is to consider your primary focus for the year to come. What is your primary intention or theme for 2008? Is it the year of joy? the year of self-care? the year of partnership? Stand up and say it proud, "2008 is my year of...."
There's a part 2 but I think this is enough to ponder for now. Anyone with me?

(Blockquote taken directly from the blog at, specific post referenced above.)


StaceyG said…
Hmmm...this requires much thought. I like the concept!

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