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Taking a break from 10 on Tuesday. I don't know if I'll pick that up again or not (or maybe just sporadically). After surfing some blogs, I found Sunday Scribblings. I like that it's just a topic and it gives you a lot of freedom. We'll see how it goes. This week's topic? Fellow Travelers.

What a funny topic to be my first one... Traveling. Fellow travelers. I've mentioned this before but it still holds true. Sometimes I cannot believe that this is my life. That I get to travel so much. I've been a business traveler for almost three years now. Three years! That's so hard for me to believe.

Before that, I wasn't much of a traveler at all. I was the kind of traveler I have grown to, well, despise is a strong word. I was a very infrequent leisure traveler. Ack. The kind who isn't sure about all the travel rules. Who gets anxiety over airport security and goes through it way too slowly. Who feels uncertain when faced with navigating new places. Who packs too many outfits and takes full-sized bottles of product. Who had never stayed in a really posh hotel. Who got excited over a rental car.

What a difference time makes... I'm a superb packer. I can tell you the pros and cons of staying in a nice hotel vs. a budget hotel vs. a B&B. I can tell you which rental car companies I prefer for business travel (when it's important to be able to get through lines quickly and it's on someone else's dime) and which for leisure (and, in those cases, to never settle for their first offer--upgrade!). I can explain to you the science that is choosing the best seat. I can tell you how to get through lines quickly (but won't because I can't give away all my secrets).

I can tell you what it's like to be in Seattle's Public Market when it's still sleepy out and the vendors are just beginning to stock their tables. How this could not be more different from the bustling excitement that it transforms into just hours later. I can tell you how the vineyards outside San Francisco just go on and on and made me realize for the first time that this, too, is farming. They just have grapes as a crop instead of the corn and cotton and maize with which I grew up. I can tell you how humbling it can be to stand in the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, imagining all the great artists who have passed through that building. And wishing that your parents had a chance to see it, too. I can tell you about York Beach, Maine and how the lighthouse and the waves crashing against the rocks and the nearby lobster eateries make you think, "this is Maine."

I can tell you how weird it feels to go from that infrequently traveling novice to an old pro who cannot believe it's been three whole weeks since the last flight.

Odds are, I am your fellow traveler.


Anonymous said…
I don't know how I did it but I got a car upgrade this week in Pittsburg, or as I was corrected, Picksburg. I wanted a midsize SUV and they upgraded me to the Chrysler Pacifica. That is a pretty sweet ride. I would still consider myself a novice traveler but I have made huge strides over the past year or so and now get through airports pretty quick. My downfall is when I have a layover I find it difficult to leave the airport with out a T-shirt for whatever city I'm in. This week I came back with an Iron City Beer t-shirt (pronounced Arn City).
The best seat on the plane -- window on the exit row, so much leg room and a wall to lean against......AAAAAHHH.

The Brother
GreenishLady said…
Hi. Even when you don't spell it out, I think I've picked up some tips from this. Thank you! Maybe you have been my fellow traveller!
Anonymous said…
why not share the travel secrets with your fellow leisure travelers? would that make our lives easier?

StaceyG said…
I'd love some travel tips. Summer is coming and you know what that means - vacation!
Katie Lady said…
Excellent post, cjh. While I am glad I don't travel for work, I wish I traveled a bit more than I did. Although I think I'm a good traveler, too. I just don't get to do it as often now with a munchkin.

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