10 on tuesday (34)

10 events that should be in the Olympics

Given that I'm sick today and have recently been preparing for a tropical storm (that ended up not being so bad, thank goodness), I don't think I'll actually have ten.

Last week I was thinking about this topic as I was traveling (yet again) for work.
  1. Multitasking: We're talking taking a training class while on a conference call and checking e-mail and maybe filing.

  2. Speed Airport Travel: We'll give you a line to check in. Perhaps another line to take your checked baggage to...throw you a curve by having one or two baggage drops closed. Then another line for security. Who gets through fastest?

  3. Overwhelmed Breakdown: In this one you should have more and more piled on you until you crack. Maybe that would mean traveling to the wrong place on the wrong day. Or maybe forgetting documents you should have packed. Or maybe having no GPS system in the rental car when you haven't printed out any directions. (You know, for example.)

  4. Rental Car Memory: Speaking of rental cars, let's see if the contestants can remember what kind of car they're driving. Added difficulty for having multiple cars in multiple cities in rapid succession, only seeing the car at night, and valeting the car so that you can't even read the label on the keys.

  5. Password Memory: These things change all the time...but never at the same frequency. Let's say no two can be the same and pile more and more on. You also need freaky specifications like no repeating the last 12 passwords, adding numbers, and including upper and lower case...

And one more considering the tropical storm yesterday and today.

6. Natural Disaster Drama: Let's see who can convey information without trying to over-dramatize it.

And yea for one of my suggestions being the topic for next week. Does that mean my list will have to be extra good? Happy Tuesday.


Nino said…
Damn... them some hard events. I'd really like to see these come about.
Bubba's Sis said…
I think I could get a gold medal in multi-tasking.

But your last one - that would be a tough one to award around here.
Joyce said…
Speed airport travel would be a good one!
I'd probably lose all those. Ha!

I played too :)
Anonymous said…
i think my mom would lose on #6
Cheryl said…
Can I add one? Commuting from work, picking up a tired toddler from daycare, getting some quality food in him before he has a meltdown, bathing him, and getting him to bed - all in 2 hrs from the time you start. Oh, and you have to add in some time to read at least 2 books and play a game with him before he passes out. Otherwise the guilt-meter will go off.

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