10 on tuesday (36)

Ten on Tuesday to go with the current Olympic obsession. There's also another figure skater I can't think of...I'm sure I will tomorrow. I guess I just like ones who are/were inspiring to me and often those most memorable (which may also be the most hyped). And I know the media is all over Michael Phelps but he sure does make things exciting.

10 Favorite Olympians of All Time
  1. Mary Lou Retton, gymnast, owned her workout video for kids when I was younger
  2. Michael Phelps, swimmer, record breaker, cutie
  3. Greg Louganis, diver, so memorable until the other night when we couldn't remember if he was still alive or not (he is)
  4. Surya Bonaly, figure skater, bad ass, broke the rules because they were stupid
  5. Scott Hamilton, figure skater, back flipper, fun routine maker
  6. Domonique Dawes, gymnast, first female African American gymnast to win an individual medal
  7. Kerri Strug, gymnast, good lander on one ankle
  8. Carl Lewis, runner, full of energy
  9. Kurt Browning, figure skater, cutie
  10. 1980 US hockey team, inspirational


Kimber said…
I think most people will have Mary Lou. Good list!
pjd said…
Good call on Dominique Dawes. And Scott Hamilton, yeah, I guess.
Nice list :)

I played too :)
~K said…
How about Brian Boutano (sp)?
cjh said…
Yeah, I didn't like him as much for some reason...
Jenn said…
I was able to watched that famous Kerri Strugg landing.

I played, too! You can check my entire list HERE. Thanks!

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