saying no

Good heavens, people. There have been so many issues with work over the last few days it's ridiculous. I mean, so ridiculous that I didn't even cry about it. Well, until today. And then only briefly. My work computer finally died. It was, of course, the worst possible time--3 outstanding reports, a site having crises and me not having access to any solutions, a BlackBerry that hadn't yet been set up, all right before vacation. I'd complain more but I think the internet can only handle one superstar who can make more money blogging than working at the job that fired her for blogging.

Amidst everything, I decided to say no. Part of it was for my sanity. Part of it was because it's finally getting to me that it doesn't seem like anyone else works this hard. I can't tell you the number of times I've called coworkers only to find them taking care of some personal or leisure activity during business hours. It seems like I'm the only one stressing while others are on play dates. Literally. It still made me feel guilty to say no. To say that I needed time to get both personal and other work stuff done today. But here I am. Blogging about it instead of sitting in traffic for at least an hour and a half to help someone do their job. Good luck, people.

So, vacation! Yea! The Boyfriend and I are leaving tomorrow morning and will make it back on Monday. You know, if there's not a hurricane keeping us from flying back in. Too soon to tell. But we're headed to west Texas for a kitschy good time. Since we're not making many concrete plans, I'll spill the details upon our return. There is a plan to mark at least one item off the Life List so that should be fun. If only it were "retiring." Have a happy long weekend.


StaceyG said…
Good for you for saying NO. And not just because everyone else does - because you're taking care of yourself.

Hope y'all have a great time!
Have a great weekend! I think we'll be fine with the storm, but hey - if it does come, at least you'll be in West Texas!

Be safe! Love ya!
Patois42 said…
Is "eloping" on the life list?

Have a grand time. Can't wait to hear about it upon your return.
Cheryl said…
So we have to guess which item on the list? I think West Texas might narrow it down a bit...

The work thing? I'm with you, kid. I never have time for lunch or breaks or to "shoot the breeze" like my coworkers seem to have all the time in the world to do!

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