Why does it have to be 9000 degrees outside the day before a tropical storm/possible hurricane? In keeping with last week's 10 on Tuesday, it is too hot to drag in patio furniture and plants and to bag up weeds that you were hoping would dry out before you bagged them and duct tape the wonky globes on your outside light because that's the best solution you can think of right now and put the several bags of garbage in the garage because trash day isn't until tomorrow and bring in the garden gnomes lest they become flying projectiles. Too. Freakin'. Hot. Good luck, house. I'll see you Wednesday.


I actually was thinking about you and your brother and SIL today as I watched the weather channel and saw the storm heading straight for you guys. I sure hope everything ends up ok in the end! Good luck getting ready. I would love to experience a good storm. We have not had many up here this year.
Bubba's Sis said…
You are so right - it's too freakin' hot to do anything. Must be a precursor of a storm - 9000 degree temps. Let's just hope it's not 9000 degrees AFTER the storm if we have no power!
Katie Lady said…
It's STILL 9000 degrees here, and will be until Sept. At least you have RAIN!!!
StaceyG said…
Yep...check, check, check. And for what?? Argh.

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