what a difference a year makes

If you go by the calendar, it was yesterday. If you go by the day of the week and associated events, it was Friday. Either way, it has been one year since I met The Boyfriend.

Due to schedules and some things outside of our control, we ended up spending the weekend in the country. Stayed at what is turning into my favorite B&B. Were leisurely. Slept in and ate some great breakfast. Picked and stomped some grapes. Did a little shopping. Ate a couple good dinners. Limited talk about work. All in all, very relaxing and much needed.

I lurve you, Boyfriend. One down, 60 to go.


StaceyG said…
Awwww!! Congratulations!

Which B&B do you stay at in Brenham?
Patois42 said…
Congrats on the big one year. Stomping grapes, eh? That sounds wonderful.
cjm said…
Wrigley House. It's great.
Katie Lady said…
Wow, we'll have to check that out someday! Sounds fabby.

Congrats on one year! You know, I married my boyfriend a year after we met.....on the anniversary of our first date. ;)
Unknown said…
Congratulations on one year!! I remember when Christian and I hit that one year mark and now look at us - 6 years later - married and parents! Wow, time sure does go by fast! Congrats again!!
I guess I should have looked at which account I was posting from - "admin" is us - Christian and Katie! (In reference to the comment posted above.)
Happy Anniversary! What a lovely way to spend the weekend together!
D... said…
Happy Anniversary! Sounds like the perfect weekend.
Bubba's Mom said…
Love that part of Texas!! What a great way to celebrate a happy year together. I wish you all the best. Ain't true luv grand???

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