While we were on vacation we had to keep an eye on the impending hurricane that was going to make landfall about the time we were getting back home. Turned out that it headed elsewhere. Thank goodness.

Now it's the beginning of a new week and there's yet another storm allegedly headed right for us. That would be making landfall at about the time I'm getting back home from a work thing.

We all know what we're getting into when we live on the Gulf Coast. Hurricanes are part of it. Every place has their potential for natural disaster. This doesn't keep us from getting frustrated over the media coverage. Or wishing the storm would head someplace else. Sometimes I feel bad about effectively wishing ill on our neighboring towns and states but then I bet they do the same to us. So it goes...

Let's just hope this one turns like the others. Sure would be more convenient for me. :o)


We're keeping an eye on it...and keeping our fingers crossed! A lot can happen in 3 or 4 days, so I'm not worried. Yet.
cjm said…
It's looking more convenient already...
Bubba's Mom said…
I am suffering from "hurricane fatigue". That's what the talking heads on Channel 11 are saying we all have because of the near misses we've had since Alicia. So, being morons (they think) we might not take the threat of Ike seriously enough and not prepare. Whatever!

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